International SEO services

In order to put together an SEO strategy that fits into the global needs of your organisation, these are the areas we look at and work on:

International Technical SEO

We will audit your site(s) and give recommendations to ensure they follow international SEO best practice. Implementation of correct hreflangs, meta language tags, correct geolocation settings, etc are pivotal to success.

Local Audience Intent Research

You need to understand the market you want to target. You need to understand what they talk about, what they care about and how they behave online. It is not enough with translating a keyword research done for the UK market.

International Site Structure

Separate ccTLD? Subfolders? Subdomains?
Are you targeting only different languages or also different regions with the same language? How does your international content fit within your current website? At SEO Company 24, we identify the best solutions depending on your wider international goals.

Competitor Analysis

Knowing your competition is an essential part of any SEO strategy and can help you better understand the local market you want to target. Who are they? What do they offer and how? What keywords they target? What type of content works for them?

Content Transcreation

Your content needs to feel local and produced in-market. It needs to resonate with each audience and in every location your business is trying to reach, in tone of voice and imagery. Your impact will increase by speaking to your audience in a native voice, colloquial, culturally appropriate and on brand across the globe.

On page Optimisation

Based on our local research we give recommendations, not only on the type of keywords you should be targeting and using on your meta data, but also what type of content you should be writing about and what format works best for your local audience.

Link Aquisition

Building links for different countries is an extremely complicated task due to language barriers, cultural differences and different industry behaviour. However, this is pivotal for the success of any International SEO strategy so we use our local insights to provide a local strategy for each of your target markets.


Managing multiple websites and the need of local level insights are always challenging

Standards & Processes

For a global organisation, the need of having a strong set of standards, best practices and roll-out processes across multiple markets is a must.

Knowledge & Skills

There is always a varying level of knowledge and skills across markets and regions in any global organisation. We can help even them out.

Data & Reporting

Reporting on traffic and ranking data across different markets that might have different KPIs (Key performance indicators) requires a centralised measurement dashboard.


Supporting the shared journey towards digital excellence requires a rigorous operating rhythm amongst global, regional and local level. Good account/project management is essential.

Global Strategy

Develop web & SEO strategy
– Keyword research
– Content strategy and development
– KPI & Dashboard development

Local Activation

– SEO execution from local offices
– Keyword localisation
– Content localisation
– Market level reporting and optimisation

Global Activation

SEO execution from SEO Company 24
– Keyword localisation
– Content localisation
– Market level reporting and optimisation

We’re an agency experienced in international SEO, with several successful campaigns under our belt. Now partnered with KL translations, we can offer more local insights across all languages and markets worldwide, and the same high quality International SEO Services.

Our Approach to International SEO

We have a very strong partnership with KL Translations Ltd, global leader in language translation and content optimisation.

Together, we are enabling companies to create meaningful digital journeys and form important emotional connections with their global customers by empowering the creation and delivery of relevant, optimised and personalised content that is also optimised for SEO.

The main challenges in the digital marketing industry (especially SEO) is the fact that global campaigns involve multiple languages, stakeholders and processes. Very often local insights get lost in translation. SEO Company 24 and KL translations are working together, applying learning in the process so the chance of human error is smaller. This means rolling out our global SEO services for brands will be more local insights led and also easily scalable. Combining Human Understanding with Machine Learning we create global campaigns that are scalable and full of local insight.

Our approach to Global SEO can be flexible depending on the needs of your organisation, but we believe in having a strong centralised global strategy, that can be executed centrally by ourselves, or by your local offices under our guidance.

All in All

Just incase it’s all sounding like a bit much! Simply, get in touch with SEO Company 24 experts and let’s see how we can make you more visible across the world. SEO Company 24 is ready to help you optimize your multilingual websites for better results in search engine rankings. With our team that provide both organic Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and paid Search Engine Advertising (SEA). Our international SEO efforts will help you achieve better visibility in country-specific search engines, which will lead to increased traffic. Higher the traffic you get on your multilingual version websites, greater are the chances of conversion. A properly strategized approach brings results and ROI for your international SEO efforts. Don’t hesitate to contact us now!

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